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David Wright to the Phillies? Please God, no!

According to MetsBlog, the Phillies like David Wright. Well, so do the Rockies.

At least if he were on the Rockies, we wouldn’t have to face him 18 times a year.

According to Jayson Stark, the Phillies might be looking for an upgrade at third, but Wright (in the worst season of his career) might not be much of an upgrade over Placido Polanco. Polanco hit .277 with 19 extra base hits and 50 RBI this season in 122 games.

In 102 games, Wright had a .254 average, 38 extra base hits and 61 RBI.

The rumor that’s being discussed in Philadelphia is Wright for Dom Brown and Vance Worley. According to Stark, there’s no way that the talks could be so far down the line.

Wright is owed $15 million in 2012 while Polanco is owed $6.25 million. Wright’s 2013 $16 million option becomes void if he is traded to another team.

The thing is, I see Wright on the 2012 Opening Day roster. If the Mets are still contending at the trade deadline, I don’t see the team swapping him at that time either. If the Mets are playing for dignity, I could see a swap to save money.

But I was going to trade David Wright, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to trade him to a division rival. I’d be okay if he went to any other team in any other division. Ideally for me, he would be in the American League…or on the Rockies.

David Wright is still the face of this team. I think if the Mets are seriously considering slashing their payroll by swapping Wright, then they need to weigh their options and the consequences of each potential swap. I would make a demand and not settle for any less. Because if the Mets are going to swap Wright, they’re gonna have to get a helluva lot to smooth things over with the fans.

Why the Mets can’t trade David Wright

If any of you are coming over from the old blog, then you know I have a strong bias towards David Wright. No, really I do.

With the future of Jose Reyes up in the air and an inkling of news that the Rockies might pursue Wright this offseason, the Mets really need to lay all their cards on the table and sort this whole mess out.

The Mets haven’t started contract talks with Reyes yet and have previously said that Wright is unavailable. However, if Jose Reyes re-signs for big money, the situation might change for Wright, who is owed $15 million next season with a $16 million club option for 2013.

If Wright is traded to the Rockies (or any other team), he loses the option and the team basically just rents him for a season.

Wright is coming off the worst season of his career after missing 60 games thanks to a back injury. Wright hit a .254 with 14 home runs and 61 RBI, and sadly, he led the team in both of the latter categories.

However, Wright is still a career .300 hitter who is on track to becoming what I like to call a “legacy Met.”

Plus, Wright is homegrown and can be a positive influence on other young prospects, including Brandon Nimmo. Wright is now that veteran presence in the clubhouse to younger players, even though I think he needs to watch The Dead Poet’s Society and get some inspiration.

No matter what kind of year he’s having, Wright will always have a fan base, namely the female fan base. People will always go to Citi Field or watch the game on SNY because they love him. Trading away Wright might cause a Seaver-esque meltdown amongest not just the female population, but all the fans.

So, bring in the walls. Get David Wright back to the 2007 David Wright and quit your whining! Trading away your one of your star players in the prime of his career is nonsense, especially when you might lose another star player to free agency.



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