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No facility for Palm Beach Gardens

“No soup for you!”

That’s basically what happened when the Palm Beach Gardens city council voted to stop construction on the site that would have acted as another spring training complex. The motion to stop construction passed 4-1. The move happened to appease residents, who were concerned about the potential noise and traffic it would have brought to an otherwise quiet area.

The complex would have not only housed the Astros, but would have served as a new site for the Blue Jays as well. The Astros will still listen to proposals for other sites in Palm Beach County. The team may also consider moving to Arizona.

Currently, the Astros train in Kissimmee, which is in central Florida and the Blue Jays train in Dunedin, which is on Florida’s west coast. The Braves and the Expos were the last two teams to have their complexes in West Palm Beach; they both left in 1997.

So, what does this all mean for the Mets? A spring training schedule that’s filled to the gill with games against the Cardinals, Marlins, and Nationals. The Mets play way too many games against these opponents in spring training, which may give the Marlins and Nationals somewhat of an advantage in the regular season. It’s no coincidence that we can sweep the Yankees and then go and lose two out of three to the Marlins.

For the record, 11 of the Marlins’ 62 wins (17.74%) last year came against the Mets, including quite a few extra-inning marathons. That’s the most against any team for the Fish, and one of only five teams they had a winning record against.

At this point, the Mets have a minimum one-hour bus ride to Jupiter or Viera. The Mets would have to travel 2-3 hours to play the Tigers, or the Yankees. Moving the Astros and Blue Jays would have added two more teams within that one-hour bus ride that aren’t in the NL East.

Ever since the Red Sox opened up their new spring facility in 2012, I have been hearing consistent rumors that the Nationals were considering moving to the now-vacant City of Palms park, right in the heart of downtown Ft. Myers. The Nationals asked for an estimated $45 million in upgrades to make the park their home. The city of Ft. Myers has been working with a contruction company to reshape the area surrounding the park.

If the Nationals were to move to Ft. Myers, then the Mets, Cardinals and Marlins all have clauses in their contracts to move from their current facilities if the number of area teams drops to three.

As much as I would love for the Mets to stay in Port St. Lucie, a town they basically built, a move to either Florida’s west coast or Arizona would make sense. It would mean more time spent on the baseball field and less time traveling. Trust me, I’ve driven to Port St. Lucie and back; it’s a long drive. And while getting there is half the fun, I don’t think the same holds true for the Mets. More than anything, I think a move from Port St. Lucie would mean less losses to the Marlins in the regular season.

My Last Jose Reyes Post

With it becoming more and more likely that Jose Reyes becomes a Miami Marlin (yup…a MIAMI Marlin), I’m seeing Mets fans grow increasingly disgusted with the team. With the deal rumored to be at five years and $95 million, you can be certain that Reyes will be stealing bases in that hideous uniform next year.

The Mets have said early on that they’ll make their offer and let Reyes test the free agent market. Reyes did that, and loved Miami. He’s good friends with current shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Ozzie Guillen likes the kind of player that Jose Reyes is. It seems like a perfect fit for Reyes.

That being said, the Mets are losing the NL batting champion and a player who has been consistently among the league leaders in stolen bases. I can see why people are upset.

If the Marlins have that kind of money, why couldn’t the Mets splurge on Jose Reyes?

Mets insiders say that the Mets are trying to get their payroll down to around the $100-110 million mark. With a good majority of that money going to David Wright, Jason Bay, and Johan Santana, the team has to prioritize their needs.

If/when Reyes leaves, Daniel Murphy will be the starting second baseman. Until Jose Constanza slid into his left knee, Murphy was also among the league leaders in batting average. You also have Ike Davis to consider. The changes to Citi Field’s dimensions should also benefit a number of players on the Mets lineup.

We won’t know how anything goes until the 2012 season. But it looks like Ruben Tejada is your Opening Day shortstop.


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