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Happy Mets Year!

January 1, 2014.

It’s the start of a new year, filled with new hopes and new dreams. Many people make resolutions to lose weight or to be more healthy, but let’s face it, by January 2nd, they’re stuffing their faces with McDonald’s.

As I turn the calendar from 2013 to 2014 and Daniel Murphy makes the first of his two appearances on my Mets calendar, my only thoughts came back to this blog and how I essentially abandoned it mid-way through 2013.

I don’t think it was a lack of passion for the team (as I type, I still proudly wear the orange and blue) or a lack of passion for the blog. Something inside myself just stopped and I resolved to never let that happen again in 2014, or ever. I resolved to pick this blog back up, whether anybody reads it or not because I want to write. I want to engage in discussion about the team, their free agency signings, etc. That’s why I enjoy Twitter so much (if you don’t already, follow my Twitter handle, @jessicabrooke5. I promise I won’t bite); it allows the platform for conversation. The beauty of Twitter is that people can agree and disagree with each other, but in the end, we are all Mets fans and that’s what matters. We celebrate a victory and lament a loss. We ream Terry Collins when he makes a bad pitching decision and we cheer David Wright when he hits a game-winning home run. We’re Mets fans; Mets fans are family.

So, here I am, typing away on the first day of the new year, just like I said I would. Resolutions take work and I realize that. Happy New Year, and don’t pig out on McDonald’s tomorrow.


Looking Ahead: 2012 Offense

It’s really hard to look ahead on something that could go either way.

If the Mets, by some miracle, re-sign Jose Reyes, then all you really need is another outfielder with some pop. And to bring in the fences at Citi Field.

However, we have to look at the possibility that the Mets don’t get Reyes back. Reyes led the NL in batting average and multi-hit games last season. If you lose Reyes, you’re losing a lot of hits.

I really sincerely believe that the Mets need to find a place for Daniel Murphy on this team. Before Murphy got hurt in August, he was also among the league leaders in hitting. Plus, if you’re like me, you said the same thing when he got hurt: “Well, the season’s over now.”

If you’re like me, the next thing you would have said is, “Well, they still David Wright.”

Wright is coming off the worst season of his career, and he still managed to lead the team in home runs and RBIs. And he missed two months of the season. Before 2009, Wright was never an injury risk, playing in 160 games each year. Then Matt Cain hit a fastball to his head and ended up on my hit list. I blame the 2006 Home Run Derby and the 2009 concussion for D-Dubs not being D-Dubs.

We also have another weapon in our arsenal that we may be overlooking: Ike Davis. Before he collided with David Wright in the strangest collision ever, Davis was among the team leaders in every offensive category. He was seeing the ball wall, he was producing runs, he was doing everything Terry Collins could ever ask for. I really felt 2011 was going to be the year Ike became a superstar. Now, I just blame David.

I also like Lucas Duda, who was Davis’s replacement for a good part of the season. Not only does he have the best hair on the team, Duda has the potential to be a strong number five hitter. Last season, Duda posted a .292 batting average with 10 home runs, 50 RBI, along with a .370 on-base percentage and a .420 SLG. And that was only in 100 games; imagine if Duda was your every day right fielder and he was playing in 60 more games. Plus it’s a fun name to say.

Again, I really think that the Mets can do okay with what we have. We did okay with what we had last season; we’re not the Phillies, but nobody expects us to be the Phillies. Every newspaper picked us to finish dead last and we came in fourth. Yay us! I don’t think 2012 will be a playoff year, but I think it will be a “get the team above .500 year.”

I’d be happy with .500 and no longer being the laughing stock of baseball. Thanks, 2011 Boston Red Sox, for helping me with one goal!


Mets will hire Bob Geren as Bench Coach

According to multiple reports, the Mets will hire Bob Geren to be their next bench coach.

Former Oakland Athletics manager Geren is practically guaranteed the position. However, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York says the team still plans to interview Dave Jauss, who served as Jerry Manuel’s bench coach in 2010.

Geren served as A’s manager from 2007 until he got fired midway through this past season. His record was 334-376.

Cleaning up house can only do so much. The Mets need to hire diversely, people with different backgrounds and different experiences in the game. Hopefully, the Mets hire a first base coach with outfield experience, since new third base coach Tim Teufel has infield experience.

But coaching can only do so much; they don’t have to bat or pitch or field the ball (anymore). The players have to come to the field amped up and ready to win. They should almost do a firesale and bring up AAA Buffalo…wait…that happened already.

Looking Ahead: 2012 without Jose Reyes

There is a very strong possibility that Jose Reyes might not be a Met come 2012. There might be too much of a gap between what the team can give him and what he wants. He might want Carl Crawford money when Carl Crawford isn’t even worth Carl Crawford money.

So Terry Collins has to think under the assumption that Jose Reyes is not a Met.

He has Ruben Tejada, who filled in for Reyes while he was on the disabled list and when Terry decided to give him a day off. Tejada played in 96 games this season (totally did not realize that), 41 of them at shortstop. Tejada only had eight errors compared to Reyes’s 18.

But being 21 years old, Tejada might still benefit from the minors, seeing as pretty much the Mets were pretty much made up of the Buffalo Bisons and Jason Bay.

Another option the Mets have is Justin Turner, who is normally a second baseman by trade, but has been known to moonlight at short. By moving Turner to short, that allows for Daniel Murphy to play second base, a position he was learning to play when he was plagued by injury. Murphy’s bat played a big part of the Mets being in the thick of things as long as they were. Once we lost Murphy’s bat, the season was over. I want Daniel Murphy somewhere on this field. And second base might be his spot.

As for what the Mets should focus on instead, I think they should focus on an outfielder with some pop. Jason Bay, while excellent defensively, has no pop. I’m still waiting for him to pop. And of course, there’s always a need for pitching, unless you’re the stupid Phillies. We need pitching all around in my opinion. Starters, relievers…where’s Billy Beane when you need him?

Why the Mets can’t trade David Wright

If any of you are coming over from the old blog, then you know I have a strong bias towards David Wright. No, really I do.

With the future of Jose Reyes up in the air and an inkling of news that the Rockies might pursue Wright this offseason, the Mets really need to lay all their cards on the table and sort this whole mess out.

The Mets haven’t started contract talks with Reyes yet and have previously said that Wright is unavailable. However, if Jose Reyes re-signs for big money, the situation might change for Wright, who is owed $15 million next season with a $16 million club option for 2013.

If Wright is traded to the Rockies (or any other team), he loses the option and the team basically just rents him for a season.

Wright is coming off the worst season of his career after missing 60 games thanks to a back injury. Wright hit a .254 with 14 home runs and 61 RBI, and sadly, he led the team in both of the latter categories.

However, Wright is still a career .300 hitter who is on track to becoming what I like to call a “legacy Met.”

Plus, Wright is homegrown and can be a positive influence on other young prospects, including Brandon Nimmo. Wright is now that veteran presence in the clubhouse to younger players, even though I think he needs to watch The Dead Poet’s Society and get some inspiration.

No matter what kind of year he’s having, Wright will always have a fan base, namely the female fan base. People will always go to Citi Field or watch the game on SNY because they love him. Trading away Wright might cause a Seaver-esque meltdown amongest not just the female population, but all the fans.

So, bring in the walls. Get David Wright back to the 2007 David Wright and quit your whining! Trading away your one of your star players in the prime of his career is nonsense, especially when you might lose another star player to free agency.


Should the Mets pass on Jose Reyes?

The big question this offseason has been whether or not to re-sign Jose Reyes. Many Mets fans have made many legitimate arguments about why the Mets should sign him:

-Jose Reyes brings fans
-Jose Reyes brings ratings
-Jose Reyes is a catalyst

But even though Jose Reyes might help the team economically or on the field, I’m one of the ones that thinks we should let him go.

Why such blasphemy!

Jose Reyes is injury prone. I don’t know whether the fact that he won the NL batting title is a statement about the rest of the National League or that it’s a statement about what kind of player he is. His hamstring issues have become a problem over the last three seasons and Carl Crawford money is a lot of money to waste on someone who might miss 30 or more games for the next four years.

Sure, he won the NL batting title, but he did it the cheap way. If you really respected your fans, you would play the whole game knowing that it might be your last game in a Mets uniform. You didn’t see Ted Williams sit out when he got to the last day of the regular season with a .400 batting average; he played both games of a double header and raised that number to .406.

We have a guy named Ruben Tejada who also happens to play shortstop! Shocker! Sure, Tejada has to work on his hitting, but defensively, I love watching him play. You can tell Tejada wants to be out there every day. Give the kid a chance.

Signing Jose Reyes might help the Mets economically, but it also might help the Mets if he doesn’t re-sign. If he signs with a top 15 team (i.e. Phillies, Yankees), we get their first round pick plus a pick plus a pick from the compensation round, that lovely round in the draft that gave us David Wright. Of course, I’m assuming Jose Reyes will be classified as a Type A free agent.

Plus, the Mets could really use the money to pay Bobby Bonilla for 24 more years.

Pass on Jose Reyes, let Ruben Tejada play, and for god’s sake…sign a pitcher instead!

Johan Santana will finish throwing on Saturday

Johan Santana will finish his rehab program on Saturday, when the Mets Instructional League ends.

Santana threw 4 innings on September 30 and will play catch and long ball up until Saturday, after which he will go on medically perscribed rest.

The Mets are optimistic that Santana will be ready for 2012, as are the Mets fans.

Santana had shoulder surgery on September 14, 2010 and missed the entire 2011 season because of it. I think the Mets did the right thing by not rushing Santana back, especially considering we weren’t playing for any division title, or even a winning record.

On the other hand, Johan Santana at like 80-85% has got to be better than 100% Mike Pelfrey. With a more consistent 1-2 punch, assuming the 1-2 punch is Santana-Dickey, I think the Mets have a decent shot to at least win 85 games next year. It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen with so many things, but no matter what happens, they should be able to win at least half their games next year.

Coaching changes are among us.

Photo courtesy New York Daily NewsThe Mets have announced today that third base coach Chip Hale, bench coach Ken Oberkfell, first base coach Mookie Wilson and bullpen coach Jon Debus will not be returning to the major league club in 2012.

Hitting coach Dave Hudgens and pitching coach Dan Warthen will stay with the team.

According to Joe Stiglich of the Bay Area News Group,  Hale has signed a 2-year deal to be the bench coach for the Oakland A’s.

Wilson and Debus will be offered other roles within the organization.

Look for Tim Teufel coaching third base next year and Ricky Bones coaching the bullpen staff.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson is expected to conduct a press conference at 4 p.m. EST to discuss the coaching changes.

Update at 5 PM: Sandy said they wanted a pitching presence in the bullpen, while Debus’s background is as a catcher. Wally Backman is not a contender to become a major league coach, even though he is a very strong contender to replace Teufel as Bisons manager.

Hello world!

This isn’t my first time blogging; I had a Mets blog on Blogger before having to switch for a class assignment.

If I can ever figure out how to get all of my old posts from Blogger, that would be the most amazing thing in the world. In the mean time, feel free to click on the link and enjoy my sarcastic, slightly pessimistic view on the Mets.

I hope to continue posting throughout the playoffs and the offseason. I hope to become a top Mets blogger by the 2012 baseball season…all without ever going to a baseball game!


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