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Looking into the Crystal Ball

I love when baseball season ends. It might mean that guys like David Wright and Jason Bay are on the golf course, but it gives fans the chance to microanalyze the season, figure out why this year sucked and next year might just be the same.

I also like watching the offseason contests. I like cursing out ESPN in disgust when they tell me that the Phillies signed another pitcher that they don’t need. I like laughing at them when they ask why the Mets don’t do anything. It’s because they have no money, just an FYI.

But I like researching even more and seeing patterns in between seasons, and trying to predict what will happen based on current trends. Hey, I predicted every series once I mastered the win-one/lose-one pattern; why not give the 2012 season a whirl?

In 2011, the Mets finished with a 77-85 record, which was two games off 2010’s mark (79-83). 2009 was dismal, with the Mets going 70-92. It’s obvious the Mets are in a rut of winning between 75-79 games. The last rut of epic proportions: the 2002-2004 Mets. Before that, you have to go to the early ’90s teams.

In each of the last three decades, the Mets have gone on an early decade streak of less than quality baseball. By the middle of the decade, the Mets usually turn it around and become contenders. Then they usually find a way to break your heart anyway.

Of course, I’m totally discounting the years where the Mets were just playing for par, and neither did anything disgusting or amazing (2001 Mets…I’m looking at you!).

I think 2011 was the year they finally bottomed out. The Mets have played consistently inconsistent for their alotted three years. Terry Collins and rest of the Mets staff would surely have to realize that. The great Mets teams didn’t have to deal with coaching changes every year. They didn’t have to deal with Bernie Madoff Ponzi-scheming all their money. They didn’t even have to deal with every media outlet counting them out before Spring Training started…well, the ’69 team did.

2012 will be another non-playoff year for the Mets…obviously. But I’d like to believe they’d at least win 80 games for their skipper. The Mets have to gradually get better; we can’t expect a miracle to happen all the time. I’d rather see guys like Ike Davis, Justin Turner, and Ruben Tejada play every day and not just have them put somebody on the field because they’re getting paid $15 million.

As for my pre-offseason 2012 prediction, I say the 2012 team goes 80-82 finishing 3rd in the division. But I reserve the right to change this prediction as the offseason progresses.


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