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Mets Done Adding to MLB Roster

According to multiple reports, the Mets are unlikely to add Stephen Drew and are probably not going to sign another major league contract. To me, that sounds about right. While we have what looks to be a projected roster, I’m curious to see how things pan out this spring.

With the recent signings of John Lannan and Daisuke Matsuzaka to minor league deals, it now appears that all of the pieces of the puzzle will be filled this spring. There are the expected competitions this season, like who will start at first base and the fifth rotation spot. And then there’s the unexpected. For instance, who will set up Bobby Parnell? Will it be Vic Black like we all assume?

If anything, I would have liked for the Mets to add a shortstop. Ruben Tejada was a decent replacement in the first year without Jose Reyes, but last year was a disappointment. The organization and the fans have called his work ethic to question on multiple occasions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Omar Quintanilla got another legitimate shot.

The question I do find myself asking is what about Juan Lagares? The Mets still have Eric Young, Jr. and they signed Curtis Granderson and Chris Young. Does EY move to his natural position (second base) or does Lagares become a fourth outfielder and a late-inning defensive replacement? If Lagares proved anything this winter, he’s worth a look as the starter and is so much more than a late-inning defensive replacement. Besides, Endy Chavez will always be my favorite late-inning defensive replacement.

I like the direction this team is headed in for this year. Okay, it’s obviously not a playoff team. But any improvement from 74-88 is improvement enough in my book. I’m cautiously optimistic for young players like Jenrry Mejia and Wilfredo Tovar to have big years. I can’t wait to see Zack Wheeler’s development in the absence of Matt Harvey.

2014 is poised to be the Year of the Youngins. And let’s face it: I’d rather see products of my farm system (which was recently ranked the sixth best in baseball) go out there and learn from every game and every out than say a team like our crosstown rivals. They will remain unnamed for the purposes of both this blog and my sanity. I feel good about this year. But, I also felt good about last year and we went 74-88.

Oy vey.


Expect Ike Davis in Port St. Lucie

alg_mets_ike-davisIke Davis is expected to start the year in Port St. Lucie as Sandy Alderson’s attempts to trade the first baseman remain unsuccessful. Even though the Brewers and Orioles remain interested, the Mets have been shot down when asking for pitching prospects Tyler Thornburg and Eduardo Rodriguez.

Starting out camp with the Mets and making it to the Opening Day roster are two completely different things. The Brewers and the Orioles expect Davis to be cut, which would cost the Mets $600,000 instead of paying Ike his $4 million salary. Why should they trade away a pitching prospect when Ike could be cut in a few weeks? There are free agent options available such as Michael Young and Kendrys Morales; Ike Davis is not the big name on the first base market.

Davis, for his part, genuinely wants to stay with the Mets.

Ike Davis and Lucas Duda will probably end up competing for the job and if Ike does remain a Met throughout spring training, he will probably get the first shot on Opening Day. However, the Mets believe that Lucas Duda has more potential in the long-term and seem more invested in his future. Plus, it’s a fun name to say. Say it: Lu-cas Du-da. See? You had fun! Or, you can go the Tim McCarver route and say Lu-cas Doo-dah. But that just makes me want to break out into song.

The organization has already said that they are comfortable with Ike in camp; I expect it to be a matter of time before we have a resolution.


This is a Fangirl Post

This actually happened:

A Baseball Chick’s Scouting Report: Outfield

Welcome back to this baseball chick’s scouting report. Using the projected 2012 Opening Day lineup, I’m scouting the Mets in a way that only I can. This week, I’m taking a look at our projected outfield: Jason Bay, Lucas Duda, and Andres Torres. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Jason Bay: Let us all face it. Jason Bay hasn’t been everything he’s cracked up to be. In fact, entering this season, Jason Bay is my de facto sad sack but only because he ended last season as the sad sack. What got him there? His .245 batting average and .329 on-base percentage. Which if you break it down, he’s hitting first base in one-third of his plate appearances, so it can’t be that bad. But how many times is Jason Bay getting to second base? Scoring?Bringing in the walls should not only benefit Jason Bay offensively, but also defensively. I feel his defense took a hit after the 2010 concussion, but he’s still our best defensive piece in the outfield. I think a lot of people want 2009 Jason Bay back, but this baseball chick doesn’t think that way. As long as 2012 is better than 2011, that’s about as much as we’re going to get out of Bay. Plus, we’ve still got him for 2013. I’m sure he’ll be the hot topic of trade discussions then.

Lucas Duda: Say it three times fast: Lucas Duda, Lucas Duda, Lucas Duda. It’s a fun name it say. It’s even more fun to listen to various sports announcers say DOO-DAH instead of DOO-DUH (I’m looking at you, Marlins broadcasters). Duda spent most of his time last season subbing for Ike Davis at first base, but this season, Duda is projected to be our starting right fielder. Lucas Duda had an impressive rookie season, batting a .292 in 301 at-bats with a .370 on-base percentage. I’m looking forward to seeing him get better in 2012 and hopefully become one of the next Mets superstars whose shirts we can’t buy in the Mets clubhouse store. I think a lot of people are expecting Lucas Duda to have a big year and I’m one of them. As long as the guy hits well and gets on base, he’s good in my book. Also, it should be of note that Lucas Duda wins the Best Hair award. Sorry, Justin Turner.

Andres Torres: We acquired Andres Torres as part of the trade for Angel Pagan, and with that, we probably got the player closest to being Angel Pagan without being Angel Pagan himself. A former 4th round draft pick by the Detroit Tigers, Torres played 112 games for the Giants in 2011, batting a .221 in 348 at-bats and an OPS of .643. Torres had career highs in 2010, but has been susceptible to the injury bug. If he gets everything together and stays healthy, then 2012 should be a good year for Torres and the entire Mets outfield. Even though Pagan’s numbers might be a little better, Torres has a better reputation. He was known in San Fransisco for being fan-friendly, which is always a plus in Jessica’s Book. But I’m giving Torres the benefit of the doubt because he’s the new guy and I actually had to do a Google search to find news stories about him.

So, in conclusion, the talent in our outfield is there. I think our weakest link will be Jason Bay, but even Jason Bay should be able to get his act together. Lucas Duda gets cool points for having the best name on the team as well as the best hair. Join me next week when I take a look at our projected starting rotation (oh, the horror!): R.A. Dickey, Dillon Gee, Jonathan Niese, Mike Pelfrey, and Johan Santana.

Looking into the Mets Crystal Ball

Those who go by the Mayan calendar may believe that the world will end on December 21, but I go by a different calendar: the Mets calendar. The Mets calendar says that pitchers and catchers report on February 20, approximately 50 days from now.

So while football season may be over for the Jets fans out there (myself included), we can turn to our beloved Mets, and figure out ways that they will break our hearts this season. Or will they surprise us? Keep reading to see what Miss Cleo (or I guess it would be Miss Jessica) thinks.

The Mets will finish in last place next season. Lets face it. The other teams in our division have made measures to improve the team. What have the Mets done? We let Jose Reyes go to a divisional rival and traded Angel Pagan for the guy that punched Shane Victorino to start the Phillies/Giants brawl. We’re gonna need that guy because we’ll all want to punch Shane Victorino by the end of season. The loss of Jose Reyes marks the biggest loss of a homegrown product since Darryl Strawberry said deuces to the Mets in 1990. The Mets went on to have a losing record for the next six seasons. That doesn’t look good for the guys in orange and blue.

David Wright will not be a Met on July 31. And the tears of thousands of Met fans ring quietly in my ears. As much as I hate to admit, I think this move would be more about the Mets saving $16 million than about David Wright himself. Assuming moving in the walls at Citi Field does the trick for Mr. Wright’s offensive slump, I expect him to be back to 2007 form. 2008 David Wright would be too much to ask of the Baseball Gods. But another injury would prevent David from going on the trade block. Paging Matt Cain!

The Wilpons will not sell the team. It seems like they’re already having a hard time getting minority stake holders. I guess a business card that says “owner” doesn’t appeal to potential stakeholder. I can accept the Mets being a moneyball team as much as the next fan, but Sandy Alderson has nothing to build a better team with. One of the basic rules of business is that you can’t sell the product if nobody’s biting. That goes for both the minority stake and the product on the field.

R.A. Dickey will make it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro without incident. The Mets threatened to void Dickey’s contract if he gets hurt on the climb. We need R.A. Dickey, so I’m hoping he gets to the top of that mountain.

Johan Santana will pitch for the Mets at some point in the season. He’s gonna throw the ball. I’ll be damed if we pay him like $17 million to be hurt for the entire season. We could use that money to pay Bobby Bonilla!

Mike Pelfrey’s tongue will distract me. If being the de facto ace of the Mets doesn’t pan out (like it hasn’t so far), Mike Pelfrey has a second career as the frontman of a KISS tribute band.

Lucas Duda will have a big season. The season Ike Davis was supposed to have last year will be Lucas Duda’s season this year. Except for the part where Ike collides with David Wright. We can skip that part. Because I still don’t understand how it happened.

Daniel Murphy will become the new milk carton boy. Poor Murph doesn’t have a place on the team. I mean, he only plays like every position IN ADDITION to batting third. I suppose Murph either becomes the starting second baseman or he becomes the milk carton boy. I hope he doesn’t become the milk carton boy.

Banner Day will be awesome. Because it will be. ‘Nuff said.


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