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The Metsification of Citi Field

For three seasons now, we have called Citi Field home. I visited the stadium for the first time this season, and I must say, they are wonderful facilities.

But I couldn’t help walking into the Jackie Robinson rotunda and thinking that this shouldn’t be about the Brooklyn Dodgers. Sure, if the Dodgers hadn’t moved to California, we’d be bleeding Dodger Blue, but we’re the New York Mets. What about “Ya gotta believe?” What about the Tom Seaver rotunda?

This morning, Matthew Cerrone reported that the Mets have finally discussed making the outfield walls blue. It makes sense; I personally think the orange foul poles clash with the mossy green outfield walls.

Making the outfield walls blue could be the latest effort to Metsify Citi Field after many fans have complained that it was too reminiscent of Ebbets Field. Me? I was just happy that the Mets Hall of Fame museum wasn’t hidden anymore.

Efforts have been made to pay tribute to Mets history over the past two seasons; the installation of the entrance shadows, the ’69 and ’86 teams being commemorated, and my favorite feature: the Topps baseball cards with that day’s starting lineup.

Since the Mets can’t rebuild Citi Field to look like a giant blue cupcake, the least they can is make the outfield walls blue like Shea…because I miss the giant blue cupcake.


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