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Should He Stay or Should He Go: Daniel Murphy

Should he stay or should he go? That’s the name of the game!

Welcome to the newest installment to my blog where I get to be Sandy Alderson. Of course, if it were up to only me, that would be no fun. So, I want you to weigh in as well. Lets get started!

My first player on the chopping block is Daniel Murphy. For the past couple of seasons, Murph’s status going into spring training has always been a giant question mark? What position will he play, will he be a starter, will he be a bench player, will he be in the minors trying to learn yet another position?

In 2010, Murph was in the minor leagues learning how to play second base when he hurt his knee and missed the entire season. We were stuck with Luis Castillo.

This past season, Murph was in the running along with Justin Turner and some guy named Brad Emaus to be the starting second baseman. Emaus won the job, Murph was relegated to the bench, and Turner was sent to the minors. Turner was the starting second baseman within a month. In 109 games this year, Murph batted a .320 with 6 HR, 49 RBI, and an .809 OPS. That was before the Braves’ Jose Constanza ended Murph’s season by sliding into his knee.

Murph played 24 games (with 19 starts) at second and made 2 errors in 168.1 innings at 2B for a .978 fielding percentage at that position.

Daniel Murphy, by trade, is also a third baseman. The Mets drafted him as a third baseman in 2006 and could fill in for David Wright if Wright gets injured or traded.

Not only that, Daniel Murphy provided us with this great quote: “I’m Daniel Murphy and I bat third.”

Having Murphy in the three hole with Ike Davis in the cleanup spot could be the offensive spark this team needs after the (inevitable) departure of Jose Reyes. It’s sad that Murphy’s only an option if/when Jose Reyes leaves. He should be an option anyway. I think Daniel Murphy is one of those players that the Mets need to find a spot for on the starting lineup and second base might be his spot.

My vote: Stay



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