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Mike Piazza and the Hall of Fame

piazza1Someone is getting inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.

After players were shut out of the 2013 class, the 2014 class has some big names including Mike Piazza.

With 21.6% of the vote in, Piazza still falls short, appearing on 71.5% of the ballots. A player needs 75% of the vote to be elected to the Hall of Fame. In 2013’s shutout, Piazza had garnered 57.8% of the vote. Whoever voted for Aaron Sele remains my baseball hero to this day.

I think Mets fans, in particular, are anxious to see Piazza get elected; Tom Seaver remains the only Mets representative in the Hall of Fame. Piazza has openly desired in numerous interviews and his book, Longshot, his desire to be inducted in the Hall of Fame as a Met.

And why shouldn’t he be? He holds the record for most home runs hit by a catcher. He’s a 10-time Silver Slugger winer and appeared in 12 All Star games. From 1998-2005, Mike Piazza was the Mets.

I think the only thing that might prevent Piazza from being a Hall of Famer this year is a heavily loaded 2014 class. So far, Greg Maddux appears on every ballot reported and Tom Glavine appeared on 91.7% of the ballots reported. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this particular ballot, because the players on this ballot are the ones that came out of the steroid era mostly unscathed. The last few ballots have always intrigued me because of that.

Whether it be this year, next year, or the year after that, I look forward to seeing Mike Piazza inducted into the Hall of Fame. And I look forward to seeing him inducted as a Met.

Quick Reaction: Mets Break A Lot of Losing Streaks

Hey! The Mets won a game at home! If you were there in person, enjoy it, relish it, and hope the Marlins gift wrap another win for R.A. Dickey tomorrow.

This win not only keeps the Mets out of the cellar, but it snaps a five-game losing streak and a nine-game home loss streak. They’ve also broken their streak of 16 straight home games where they scored three runs or less.

Tonight also marked the first time the Mets scored three runs in an inning at home since the All Star break.

The Mets now have a game and a half on the Marlins in the battle to stay out of the cellar.

Last night’s remarks by Terry Collins about the team quitting seem to have settled in with the Mets today. They proved Collins wrong as Jon Niese struck out seven batters over 6.1 innings and Ike Davis and Scott Hairston went yard.

This game was a must-win for the Mets. They had to prove to their manager that they haven’t quit, and they had to prove to themselves that they can provide the offense needed to win the game. Yesterday, the team laid down and died after the first inning. Today, the Mets played it like they were in a playoff game, with Terry Collins taking Lucas Duda out after the third inning for a “lack of hustle.”

I wish the Mets can play all of their games like they played tonight; when I got home from work, even though it was the top of the ninth, I still turned on my TV because Mets victories come few and far between. There’s 12 games left in the season, 12 games to play for their dignity, the respect of their fans, and R.A. Dickey’s 20th win.



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