It’s All About How You Finish

I don’t know what has been more astonishing this weekend: the fact that the Mets have won four games in a row, or the fact that the Mets have won four games in a row at home.

The Mets are in the midst of their final homestand of the season. Since a humiliating loss to the Phillies on Thursday, it looks like the Mets are back in shape. R.A. Dickey got his 19th victory, Ike Davis hit his 29th and 30th home runs of the season, and David Wright is only two hits away from breaking Ed Kranepool’s all time franchise record for hits.

Over the past five or six seasons, the Mets have perfected the art of starting great and ending sloppily. This year, the Mets have the chance to finish strongly, even though they dug themselves their own grave in July.

They already proved their skeptics wrong; they won 70 games when nobody said they could. They’ve stayed out of last place when every sports media outlet in the country picked them to finish in last place. If you take a second to really look back at the 2012 Mets campaign, they’ve exceeded everybody’s expectations.

The only people who seem to be unsatisfied are tortured Mets fans everywhere, who now spend their days discussing whether or not David Wright is coming back or even if he wants to come back. Conversations of 2013 started far too soon for Mets fans, who watched their team plummet from second to fourth place in a matter of weeks. With Matt Harvey spending his full season with the Mets next year, I’m already optimistic that next year will be a little turnaround; maybe they won’t crash as suddenly next year.

What the 2012 Mets have to do in the final days of their season is prove to their supporters that they are fully committed to turning things around in 2013. Sandy Alderson looks to spend a little bit more money to (hopefully) lock up Wright and Dickey, Terry Collins will certainly be spending his offseason mulling over why the second half went the way it did, and the Mets players will continue with their offseason workouts and hopefully watch video of themselves in the first half versus the second half.

These Mets have to prove to themselves that they want to win. Their fans already know that they want to win; we want them to win. The only people keeping the New York Mets from winning are the New York Mets. Yogi said it wasn’t over until it was over, which means there’s still time for these guys to prove that they can win and want to win.

It’s not about how you start; it’s all about how you finish.

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