Count Your Blessings

With the start of Spring Training in only 22 days, most Met fans (myself included) don’t see the Mets going anywhere past the cellar. And something would have had to gone right if they ever finished in fourth place. Third place would be quite the anomaly. Second place would be a miracle. First place would send an entire fanbase into cardiac arrest. A helluva lot of things would have had to gone right for this team to actually contend with the Braves and the Phillies.

But just because we had the 27th best offseason (or 4th worst, depending on how you look at things), it doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to speak proudly of. If freak collisions don’t happen and the entire team stays healthy, then we might actually win 80 games. But this time of year is reserved for such optimism. So lets count our blessings, shall we?

Johan Santana is back. This might be our biggest blessing of all. Nobody knows if he’ll be ready to pitch on Opening Day, or if he’ll even be the same Johan Santana. But that doesn’t matter. Remember, it could always be Mike Pelfrey on the mound during key starts. If Santana doesn’t pitch on Opening Day, I could see Terry Collins giving the ball to R.A. Dickey.

The Mets finally replaced their medical staff. The team finally changed things up in their medical staff after the last four seasons have come with a few too many injuries. The one I’m still trying to comprehend? How does Jason Bay miss half a season due to a concussion and David Wright misses only the 15 days?

Ike Davis is the second-best 1st baseman in the National League. With both Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder departing their respective teams to go to the American League, the race for your All Star first baseman is a two-man race between Ike Davis and Joey Votto. Despite playing only 36 games for the Mets last season, MLB analysts still consider him better than 13 other guys.

David Wright and Jason Bay can’t get any worse, especially since the walls are moved in. Both Wright and Bay had the worst seasons of their careers last season. The Citi Field walls were moved in for their beenfit. You don’t spend money to move in the walls, and then trade the two players you’re helping. Unless you’re really hard up for money.

Bobby Parnell won’t be closing games for the Mets. With the additions of Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch, no need to put your 100 MPH fastballer into pressure situations. And no need to call him Bobby F’in Parnell. Because he won’t be in pressure situations.

The words “de facto ace” has left the Mets lexicon. There’s no more de facto anything in this Mets rotation and it couldn’t make me happier.

Hey, the payroll went down! With a loss of around $70 million last season, the Mets payroll is set to go from $142.8 million to $90.1 million. That’s a $52.7 million difference and all the math I’m willing to do. It’s also the largest drop in payroll ever. So, I guess we’re playing Moneyball. Right?

Hey, the team is still healthy, right? Right now, everybody’s ducks are in a row. We’ll see what happens in 22 days.

Keith Hernandez still has the best mustache in sports television. Enough said.

We may not have a lot to look forward to this season. But to be honest, I think changing our medical staff was the key move of the offseason. If a player is properly diagnosed during injury, then they can come back quicker and help win ball games. The Phillies, we are not. But their time to be in our shoes will come. Except without the whole part about the Ponzi scheme. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

LGM. Ya Gotta Believe.

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